Important Information regarding 2020 ACCJFL Cheerleading Competition

Competition Day: Saturday 9/19/2020 @ North Pocono

  • The coaches/advisors will tell you what they want done with the team’s hair and bows. They should bring their own hairbrush or comb in their bags, along with extra bobby pins and hairspray.
  • They should arrive in full uniform, including crop tops and competition sneakers.  Remember white ankle socks only. Please make sure their uniforms are clean. Warmups should also be in their bags.
  • No heavy makeup or nail polish is allowed.
  • No jewelry of any kind should be worn. If they have newly pierced ears, the earrings will be covered with tape.
  • They should only bring water (no colored juice or Gatorade) to drink. Make sure everything they will need is packed in their cheer bag. We will be down on the other side of the field and parents will NOT be able to come down to bring drinks, etc. Include some money in their cheer bag. We don’t know what the food setup will be and we may need to take them to the stand for lunch.
  • Please help us get in the spirit by decorating your cars and wearing our team colors.