Sunday, February 25 at 12:00 PM - 2:00 PM 
at the High Bridge House (Formerly Grassi's)

Hosted By Wonderful
PA-502, Spring Brook Twp, PA 18444

Join us for a FAMILY FUN NIGHT to support North Pocono Jr Trojans

For this extra special event, you & your family are able to work together at our workshop style event while creating a masterpiece for your home!

Here is what we'll be doing:

Each participant will receive an 11x14 canvas
While working together, you'll decide what "word saying" you'd like to create. Maybe you'll choose your last name, something inspiring like the word "hope" or "love", maybe your family would love the word "victory" to hang on your wall ..... the possibilities are endless!
Once you've chosen your "saying" or "word" you'll stencil that saying across your canvases. After you've all stenciled your saying, each family member will work on their section, creating an unbelievable masterpiece to hang in your home, with a little bit of each family members individual flare represented.

*Reservations are required
Cost for each participant is $25
Light Snacks & Drinks will be provided
Please contact Melissa Loch or Stacey Scutt to make your reservation.

 Forms available to print on the Forms Page of this website

  A Team Football Coach   Over the past several years Rick Kryeski has been our A-Team Football Coach, we would like to Thank Rick for all he has done for the organization. As Rick moves on with his future endeavors, the North Pocono Junior Trojans are looking to fill the position of Head Football Coach for The A-Team. If you are interested in this position please forward a letter of interest to our Football Coordinator Paul Shotto at by Feb 10th, 2018  

NPJT  2018 Board Members

President- John McCollum

Vice President- Amy Kelly

Treasurer- Melissa Loch

Secretary- Tara Shotto

Fundraising Coordinator-Stacey Scutt

Football Coordinator-Paul Shotto

Cheer Coordinator- Moriah Minich

Congratulations to all our new board members

Board Meeting

Our next board meeting will be Monday, Jan 8th @ 7pm, NPI Cafeteria. The public is always encouraged to attend.