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If at any time there are any questions, concerns or issues, please be sure to contact a board member so we can address in a timely manner.

2021 Season (Updated 11-23-21):  Reminders and Updates

The NPJT banquet is this Sunday Nov 28 at Fiorellis in Peckville
Doors open at NOON – Banquet starts at 1pm
Please do not arrive before 12pm
Seats are as you wish. No assigned seating.
Masks are required to enter and while getting your food from the buffet, not while at seats (this is Fiorellis requirement)
PLEASE NOTE: we are at full capacity for the banquet, if tickets have not been purchased, unfortunately we cannot sell anymore.
We had messages and notices about the final date for a reason and for a capacity count. We apologize for any inconvenience.
Any questions or problems please contact a board member
🙌Thank you to all for a successful season! We couldn’t do it without you.
NPJT monthly meeting – Monday 12/13 at 7:00 pm.  NPI Cafeteria.  All are welcome to attend.


Three (3) board positions were open for election in 2020 (President, Treasurer and Secretary).  Due to Covid, Ashley (Treasurer), Lynn (Secretary) and myself (President) have volunteered to stay thru 2021.  This year, Eddie (VP), Rebecca (Fundraising), Paul (Football coordinator) and Moriah’s (Cheer coordinator) positions will be up for election in October as well as Ashley, Lynn and myself.  Eddie, Lynn and Paul will be moving on as their children are involved in other activities.  In order for NPJT to continue, a board MUST be in place.  In order to run for a board position, one must be at least 18 years old, must be a member of the organization in good standing for at least one year, must attend at least five meetings (prior to November 1 of current year).  If there is no longer interest in parents running for a board position, the organization will unfortunately come to an end.

John McCullum

Facebook Page – Our Facebook pages are intended for the parents/guardians of football players and cheerleaders only. The pages were set up to inform parents of practice & game schedules, uniforms, etc.  Any posts NOT related to or that are not conducive to improving the NPJT organization, will be removed for the safety of our children. **You will be asked to answer a question prior to being approved. If you are adding other family, they need to answer the question “my grandson John Doe”, my niece “Jane Doe” etc.  We aim to keep this page safe as it has lots of information regarding our kids along with posting photos etc.