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2019 Season (Updated 9-16-19):  Reminders and Updates

If at any time there are any questions, concerns or issues, please be sure to see a board member so we can address in a timely manner. 

ACCJFL Cheer Competition📣 – This is the last week of mandatory cheer practice. There will be no snack table tonight and will be on a day by day basis this week. Mock Competition is this Thursday Sept 19th at 7:30 pm on the NP varsity field. Football players will end practice at 7:15/7:20 Thursday to attend Mock Competition to support the cheerleaders before they compete on Saturday September 21 at the 2019 ACCJFL Cheer Competition held at Dunmore High School.

Food Hut – Next home game October 6th – a revised schedule will be posted later this week.  

Please note: Parents are required to work the food hut for one (1) home game.  If you can’t commit to the day you are scheduled, please try and switch with someone.  You will not be working the food hut during your child’s game time.

Board Meeting – TUESDAY – October 15th 7:00 pm at NPI cafeteria. (School is closed Monday Oct 14th for Columbus Day).  All are welcome and encouraged to attend. 


Week 8 (Oct 6th) Abington N at N Pocono

First Aid – The board table has a first aid kit along with ice packs if needed for any team / squad and can address emergency services quickly if needed.

Football Uniforms Care:

For best results wash uniforms immediately after each use.
Please inspect for normal wear and tear so repairs can be made prior to washing to prevent further damage. Do not allow uniforms to lie on itself or in a pile when wet because perspiration can cause fading or color bleeding.

Wash uniforms in cold water with mild detergent as soon as possible after each use, before stains can set. Do not use bleach or fabric softener. Do not dry clean. Do not iron

Since uniforms are new, we ask you hang to dry to be on safe side as excessive heat can cause garment shrinkage, discoloration, degradation and cracking of lettering.

PARKING Rules – there is NO parking allowed in front of the school garage doors and PLEASE no triple parking. There is extra parking in upper parking lot of NPI and NPMS. In case of any emergency we need to ensure that any parent can get out if needed.  YOU WILL BE TOWED AT YOUR EXPENSE!!!! We cannot stress this enough. THE SCHOOL MAINTENANCE DEPARTMENT MUST BE ABLE TO ACCESS THE INSIDE OF THE BUILDING IN THE EVENT OF AN EMERGENCY.

NO SMOKING or PETS allowed – school ground rules.  Please clean up all garbage and have your child gather all their equipment including water bottles. We post “lost and found” items on our main Facebook page nightly. 

2020 Registration – will be held mid-February.  Practice begins 3rd week of July. Thank you. 

NP JR TROJANS Facebook Pages:

Our Facebook pages are intended for the parents/guardians of football players and cheerleaders only. The pages were set up to inform parents of practice & game schedules, uniforms, etc.  Any posts not related to NPJT, or that are not conducive to improving the organization, will be removed for the safety of our children. 

All Football teams and cheerleading squads also have individual pages so not to overwhelm main NP JR Trojans main page with individual events/updates. They are as follows:

A-Team – NPJT A-Team

B-Team – NPJT B-Team

C-Team – NPJT C-Team

D-Team – NPJT D-Team

A-Squad – NPJT *A* Squad Cheerleaders

B-Squad – NPJT B Squad Cheerleading

C-Squad – North Pocono Jr. Trojans C Squad

D-Squad – North Pocono Jr. Trojans D Squad

(NOTE: NPJT Facebook pages are not run by or affiliated with the North Pocono School District.)