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If at any time there are any questions, concerns or issues, please be sure to contact a board member so we can address in a timely manner.

2021 Season (Updated 7-28-21):  Reminders and Updates

Hello everyone! Just a few cheer notes from Moriah:
  1. I will be working on adding all new parents to the individual cheer facebook pages. In order to do so, I need to send a friend request to you first then I can add you to the group. Once you are added, you do not need to remain fb friends with me to stay in the group.
  2. Cheer uniform handouts will be scheduled for next week. I am working with my assistant cheer coordinators and coaches to get set dates and times and you will be notified asap!
  3. If your coach/advisor has contacted you about anything missing from your child’s cheer application, please get it to them as soon as possible. They cannot participate in competition without the proper documentation.
  4. You should have received 3 papers last week: 1: cheer constitution, the last page needs to be signed and returned to coach. 2: order form for cheer extras, I have an example of all sizes of crops and bloomers for you to size your child before ordering. 3: Uniform handout paper, you may complete the top portion with child’s name, squad, and parent initials. the bottom part is for their coach to complete upon handouts so please bring this form with you next week.
We are working with Butlers Environmental Services for our portopotties. You will notice when you get to the field for practice we have requested and received PLENTY of garbage cans around the field. Butler’s has so graciously offered to supply us with a portable handwashing station to be used for our organization. PLEASE ensure all trash is going into the garbage cans and not in the potty’s. We will be monitoring the handwashing station and filling it weekly with water. This can only continue if we all work together and use the garbage cans for trash and not putting it in the portopotties. He is working with us and we want to continue this partnership for our kids.
As always, any questions please reach out to any board member.  Thank You!


A-Team/Squad schedule is now posted to the Event Schedule tab.  A-Team start is approximately 4:00 (depending on length of C and B games).  Please note change in D, B and C schedule from September 5th.  These teams will now play SATURDAY September 4th at West Scranton “under the lights” with D Team starting at 4:15

🥨The board will be working on the food hut schedule soon. At least one parent is required to volunteer to work the food hut for one home game. Time will not be during your child’s game (either before or after). Details to follow.


NPJT Picture Day:  Saturday, August 28th, 2021

*Picture time and location TBD.  Reminder to bring your printed confirmation receipt or completed order form to photos.

Our League Code Is: NPJRTROJANS21

Visit us at & click on the PRE ORDER NOW tab.


Facebook Page – Our Facebook pages are intended for the parents/guardians of football players and cheerleaders only. The pages were set up to inform parents of practice & game schedules, uniforms, etc.  Any posts NOT related to or that are not conducive to improving the NPJT organization, will be removed for the safety of our children. **You will be asked to answer a question prior to being approved. If you are adding other family, they need to answer the question “my grandson John Doe”, my niece “Jane Doe” etc.  We aim to keep this page safe as it has lots of information regarding our kids along with posting photos etc.


With receiving direction from the school, until we have more updated guidelines, we ask that all participants wear masks upon arrival and departure of our practices. They do not need to wear masks while actively participating. If you feel more comfortable with your child wearing one all practice, please feel free, we will not require to wear one while practicing.
Please keep phones on hand when dropping your child in case of inclement weather. Team moms and advisors will get their contacts together to send group messages when this occurs. Remember just because it isn’t storming at your house, it may be on school grounds. In the case of lightening, children will be ushered to coaches and board members vehicles until parents arrive.

NPJT monthly meeting – TBD.



NPJT is raffling off a poster board filled with a variety of gift cards worth almost $800! 💰
🎫Tickets will be available for sale throughout practice and home games and open to ALL. If a player/cheerleader sells the winning ticket, they will win a Walmart gift card. Tickets will be ready end of July.
This is not a mandatory fundraiser


Three (3) board positions were open for election in 2020 (President, Treasurer and Secretary).  Due to the current circumstances with Covid: Ashley (Treasurer), Lynn (Secretary) and myself (President) have volunteered to stay on one more year.  This year, Eddie (VP), Rebecca (Fundraising), Paul (Football coordinator) and Moriah’s (Cheer coordinator) positions will be up for election in October as well as Ashley, Lynn and myself.  In order for NPJT to continue, a board MUST be in place.  In order to run for a board position, one must be at least 18 years old, must be a member of the organization in good standing for at least one year, must attend at least five meetings (prior to November 1 of current year).  If there is no longer interest in parents running for a board position, the organization will unfortunately come to an end.

John McCullum