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If at any time there are any questions, concerns or issues, please be sure to contact a board member so we can address in a timely manner.

2022 Season (Updated 05-19-22):  Reminders and Updates

NPJT monthly meeting – Monday 06/06/22 at 7:00 pm, location Madisonville Firehouse. All are welcome to attend. Please attend this meeting if interested.
First practice will be Monday July 18th behind NPI
A-squad cheer parents Purse Raffle Ticket hand in 5/21/22 at Covington Park at 5:30pm.
A-squad Pine Forest Cheer Camp Dates 6/11/22-6/14/22, more information to follow.
Congratulations Maura Gallagher & Jade Raziano for being the recipients of the NPJT 2022 Scholarship!!
NPJT will FINALLY be hosting this years cheer competition 9/17/22 (Rain date 9/24/22). ALL FAMILIES in our organization are asked to sign up for one committee and timeslot. CHEER AND FOOTBALL.  If you want to do more than one timeslot GREAT! If you want to do 2 different committees at 2 different times AWESOME! You want to sign yourself up as well as your wife/husband/mother/sister/whomever FANTASTIC!!  It is all hands on deck will make it a great day for our girls!

If you have any questions, please feel free to see the cheer coordinator. Moriah Minich. If Moriah is unavailable, please see assistant coordinator Crystal Gillette and if neither of them know, they always go to Tami Emerson-McCollum the ACCJFL cheer president and previous NPJT cheer coordinator. 

More details regarding the season will be given as the season gets closer. 

Facebook Page – Our Facebook pages are intended for the parents/guardians of football players and cheerleaders only. The pages were set up to inform parents of practice & game schedules, uniforms, etc.  Any posts NOT related to or that are not conducive to improving the NPJT organization, will be removed for the safety of our children. **You will be asked to answer a question prior to being approved. If you are adding other family, they need to answer the question “my grandson John Doe”, my niece “Jane Doe” etc.  We aim to keep this page safe as it has lots of information regarding our kids along with posting photos etc.