Football/Cheer Registration (Sign ups) – Registration for returning players are scheduled for February 24, 2024 from 9-11; new players are scheduled for March 2, 2024 from 10-11:30 both dates at North Pocono Intermediate (NPI).

When is the first day of practice?
Monday July 15th (approx 3rd week of month on a Monday)

What are the Practice Times?
The practice runs from 6pm to 8pm

Where is the Practice field?
The practice field is behind the North Pocono Intermediate School (NPI).

PARKING Rules – there is NO parking allowed in front of the school garage doors and PLEASE no triple parking. There is extra parking in upper parking lot of NPI and NPMS. In case of any emergency we need to ensure that any parent can get out if needed.  YOU WILL BE TOWED AT YOUR EXPENSE!!!! We cannot stress this enough. THE SCHOOL MAINTENANCE DEPARTMENT MUST BE ABLE TO ACCESS THE INSIDE OF THE BUILDING IN THE EVENT OF AN EMERGENCY.

NO SMOKING or PETS allowed – school ground rules.  Please clean up all garbage and have your child gather all their equipment including water bottles. We post “lost and found” items on our main Facebook page nightly.

How often do the kids practice?
Before the first day of school, practice is Monday through Thursday. Once school starts, practice is from Tuesday through Thursday. Some coaches have additional practices and will inform you of when.

Do I have to stay at practice?
You are not required to stay at practice, however if you leave please be return by 7:30 pm.  If you notice any inclement weather, please stand by in case practice is dismissed early.

First Aid – All teams and squads along with the board table have a first aid kit along with ice packs if needed.  There will always be board members at practice and games to address any emergency service quickly if needed.
What team will my child be on?

If your child is 6 on May 1st 2024, or later your child will be on the D team.
If your child is 8 on May 1st 2024, or later your child will be on the C team.
If your child is 10 on May 1st 2024, or later your child will be on the B team.
If your child is 12 on May 1st 2024, or later your child will be on the A team.

If your child is in K – 2nd Grade during the current season, your child will be on the D squad.
If your child is in 3rd or 4th Grade during the current season, your child will be on the C squad.
If your child is in 5th or 6th Grade during the current season, your child will be on the B squad.
If your child is in 7th – 8th Grade during the current season, your child will be on the A squad.

What are the weight limits* for each football team?
The Maximum weight for the A team is 175 pounds
The Maximum weight for the B team is 145 pounds
The Maximum weight for the C team is 120 pounds
The Maximum weight for the D team is 105 pounds
*As of 2021 Season

What are the fees for my child to play?
The registration fee is $125.00 per child. Second Child – $125, Third Child – $100, Each Additional Child $75 (per family) All applications received after April 1st will be subject to a $25 late fee.

How many fundraisers do you have during the year?
There will be one mandatory fundraiser (included in registration fee) and several optional events that will be announced throughout the season.

When are the games?
Games are on Sunday during the season beginning 3rd week of August through 2nd week of October. There may be 1 or 2 Saturday games. The schedule will be posted.

What are the game times?
D team 12:00 PM
C team 1:00 PM
B team immediately after the C game
A team Immediately after the B game

How do I get directions to the away games?
Check the DIRECTIONS section of this site.

Who are the coaches?
See Football/Cheerleading sections of this site

Football Uniforms Care:

For best results wash uniforms immediately after each use.
Please inspect for normal wear and tear so repairs can be made prior to washing to prevent further damage. Do not allow uniforms to lie on itself or in a pile when wet because perspiration can cause fading or color bleeding.

Wash uniforms in cold water with mild detergent as soon as possible after each use, before stains can set. Do not use bleach or fabric softener. Do not dry clean. Do not iron.

Since uniforms are new, we ask you hang to dry to be on safe side as excessive heat can cause garment shrinkage, discoloration, degradation and cracking of lettering.

When is the Banquet?
Month of November, once date is set it will be added to this site.

Does every child get a trophy?
Yes, everyone gets a trophy at the banquet.

What are the ticket prices for the banquet?
Adults $25; Children 3 and under, Coaches, Advisers, Players & Cheerleaders are Free.

When are NPJT Monthly Meetings?
Meetings are set for the 1st Tuesday of every month (except July and August). If meeting falls on a holiday, it will be rescheduled.