2023 Coaches


Cheer Coordinator: Ashley Schrader

Assistant Cheer Coordinator: Crystal Weed

Please note ALL adult coaches, board members and team moms have to complete the following annually:

  • Concussion
  • Heat
  • Cardiac Arrest

Visit link for required courses. http://NFHSLearn.com

D Squad
Head Coach: Lindsey Spano
Assistant Coach: Megan Kutney

Assistant Coach: Victoria Kelly
Advisor: Christina Quinnan

C Squad
Head Coach : Ashley Gouldsbury
Advisor: Kerri Lotterman

B Squad
Head Coach : Moriah Minich
Assistant Coach: Ashley Schrader

Advisor: Veronica Cichocki

A Squad
Head Coach: Alecia Buchleitner
Assistant Coach: Lilly Gray

Assistant Coach: Kaitlyn Torquati
Advisor : Crystal Weed